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Overcome the colder autumn and winter nights and weekends with slow cooked stews, casseroles and Sunday roasts, pick your selected cuts, stock up your freezer and get cooking.

Cheaper cut with lean meat requiring long slow cooking for best reults
Chuck or Blade; Well known for braising whether our recipe calls for diced or sliced this would be the cut for you.
Brisket; Generally a rolled joint for long slow cooking which contains a bit more fat which adds to the flavour
Mince; Great for the braising in a slow cooker or used to make bolognaise or a cottage pie
Skirt; Great for use in pies and pasties

a lean joint which has great flavour and becomes very tender with long slow cooking
Shoulder; Great for a long slow roast until the meat falls off the bone
Breast; A joint which contains more fat but becomes very tender and is full of flavour
Neck; Typically cooked long and slow on the bone
Diced Leg; Provides a leaner cut for stews and casseroles and becomes very tender when cooked slowly

Diced Chump/ Leg;
Great cuts for dicing or in larger chunks for casseroles, stews and one pots as they hold their shape
Belly; for a long slow roast as the fat melts and keeps the meat moist, the skin can be scored to create great crackling
Spare Ribs; typically braised or marinated to make them tender then finished in the oven or
Shoulder; a joint for a Sunday roast cooked on a bed of veg with some liquid to keep it moist and tender

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